Sunday 20 December 2009

Marc Jacobs, New York

Having flaneured the city for days already collecting and gathering my visual resources I came across the Marc Jacobs scheme here on Bleeker st. I have no connection to this cause but it certainly seems a very worthy one. I believe one can have a photograph taken for a small donation to save the life of Alice and her son Billy. The images themselves then form part of the installation. What I find so wonderful about this scheme beside the cause is the the concept itself and the interaction between customer and retailer. Again this is a fantastic localised example of creativity which I really wish some of the major players out there, in here, somewhere or just elsewhere would follow. Of course this does rely on having creative's available to do this, but in this global recession it seems that they are the first people to lose their jobs. Anyway, in the mean time, go on, swing by the store on Bleeker st. and give your donation before the 24th December.

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