Monday 21 December 2009

Moschino, New York

While perusing the stores in the meatpacking district in New York this week in the biting cold I came across the Moschino Christmas concept at its store 401 West 14th St. This store in particular does present some really fun schemes. Here we have Santa in therapy talking to an extraordinarily well heeled therapist - dressed in Moschino's finest of course. With all of our self imposed stress of the Season (although I feel far from stressed myself) is there any wonder the poor man is in need of help? I only wish the scheme had been extended to the second window in the store as part of this narrative rather than the two figures seen in the image below. Of course the space is much smaller but I feel something could have been done here. Anyway, the White interior space of the store looks magnificent with incredible furniture and it is so beautifully lit, although I do wish designers would leave that dreadful heart motif out of their concept. Although, on reflection, this is America and they do seem to like that kind of stuff.

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