Saturday 19 December 2009

Barneys, New York

Having a witty Christmas this year is the latest scheme from the master of window Display himself, Simon Doonan at Barneys, 660 Madison Avenue. The scheme this year in the typical Doonan style of papier mache characters is the celebration of 35 years of Live from New York. Now, as an alien here (no pun intended) in this city I'm not wholly familiar with Live from New York and therefore it is quite difficult for me to see the links. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing as I can look at this scheme from a purely objective angle, untainted by preconceived ideas about its accuracy. I do of course recognise some of the characters here and such references as Sarah Palin and The Cone Ranger, Cone-a Lisa and the Rolling Cones although I suppose I can only appreciate it for its entertainment value. And it is very entertaining indeed. I always look forward to seeing these schemes and as with Bergdorf Goodman, I only wish I could see them all through the year.

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