Friday 18 December 2009

Calvin Klein, New York

While meandering the city, I dropped by to check out the Hedi Ferjani scheme at Calvin Klein on Madison and 60th St. I really do like this scheme as I find global branding to be such a huge nail in the coffin of creativity and I actually really do wish the store in London had adopted the same or similar approach, very much like Diesal is doing at the moment in localising the creativity rather than applying the usual out of the manual kind of stuff. Anyway, if you're not familiar with Hedi Ferjani, (and I'm not) apparently he's the husband of Erin Featherston (who doesn't mean anything to me either but you can google them easily to find out more). The main concept / installation is called Glitter Falls (I hate the name of it but I do love the outcome) where product has been placed on pieces of charcoal against a White background dripping with Black paint. In conjunction with this scheme, but I am not sure why, is also Ferjani's installation Cosmic Dust (dreadful name too) using a real looking space suit placed in one window which has been punctuated with 'star' like lights. It worries me when two installations are used in this way as it hints at a lack of depth of the first concept and perhaps there just wasn't enough of an idea to stretch to a few more windows? Anyway, the simplicity of this scheme really does focus the viewers attention on the product. Beautifully and stunningly produced schemes but please change its awful name.

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