Thursday 17 December 2009

Henri Bendel, New York

Although the jet lag is kicking quite nicely and therefore I am awake incredibly early, its cold outside and the uncontrollable heating in my hotel room is on full whack, even with the window open wide I cant seem to get the temperature right. So I'm waking up with a mouth as dry as the Sahara and very hot feet - my room is as long as I am tall and half as wide. Still you get what you pay for and I cant complain, particularly when I don't spend too much time there as there are so many delicious schemes to look at such as this one here at Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue. I have always found this a rather odd store as it is a bit of a one of a kind, but as always, even with the tiny space they have they do present the most incredible schemes. The figures here are completely covered in tiny beads in Brown and White stripes (the Bendel Brand signature) and within the store which is laid out a bit like a Moroccan riad is an enormous tree wrapped in tiny lights from which a bed with another figure has been suspended. I particularly love the colour of the fixtures in an Orange/Red tone which works beautifully with the Bendel Brown.

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