Saturday 12 December 2009

Hermes, London

Having finally managed to uncurl my toes and unclench my buttocks after seeing the latest Chanel scheme, I came across the Knightsbridge store of Hermes. This is an interesting scheme in as much as it is so very different from its sister store just a mile or so away along Bond St. Here we have musical instruments wrapped in printed paper, cut and concertinaed music sheets form part of the backdrop. I am quite intrigued with this as usually the same concept is rolled out across the various sites, however Hermes, at least in this instance seems to be following Diesal's and to a point Zara's lead in producing site specific concepts. This is an exciting move and I will be watching closely to see if the next concepts are produced in the same way. Anyway, in the meantime pop along and have a look at this concept. Ok, well it is a little 'motif- ee', as my students would say, but it is a step in a very exciting direction and I can only support, encourage and applaud that.

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