Sunday 13 December 2009

Dolce and Gabbana, London

While meandering around town today, I came across one of the D&G stores here in London. With so many of these designer stores the interior spaces are beautifully luxurious. I am however a little bored of seeing the seemingly obligatory video screens that so many of these brands seem to think it is so necessary to install, but nonetheless the D&G store is quite superb. I normally scoot pass here to pop by Alexander McQueens but I did find myself abruptly halting to record this spectacle. Normally, the schemes here simply contain a few mannequins, although occasionally a piece of furniture is placed to support their concept. I do really enjoy the opulence of the furniture that the creative team use. This is the kind of stuff one would expect to see in Palaces, Chateaux, Castles etc., which I guess is the idea. The fruit, flowers, candles etc. in abundance here in the image below perhaps symbolise a bygone historical period too. These kind of displays are quite difficult to execute and I must say this has been superbly produced. It makes me just want to reach in and help myself to the feast while gulping wine from a Gold Goblet and sat in front of a huge fireplace - beautiful.

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