Friday 11 December 2009

Chanel, London

As my regular readers will know I raised some concerns regarding the presentation of this brand some months ago. From the many messages I received from you, every single one of you agreed. This is not a problem just here in London but globally. I cannot understand that such a precious and historical brand loaded with so many associations can be installing these kind of schemes. What is going on here? What are these structures placed over the mannequins head? The cheap fabric creating the backdrop does nothing but tarnish the Chanel name for quality. I don't wish to kill the concept but every time I see these stores my toes curl in my well heeled boots. I do feel, whether rightly or wrongly that this brand needs help in presenting itself. The product is in place, the name is in place but it seem to fall apart in the presentation - and this is crucial. As we know, anything presented well will sell. As we also know during a recession, the kind we are now experiencing its usually the display teams that are first to loose their jobs, which of course is absolutely the wrong thing to do. In a recession we need to increase the number of roles in product presentation as ultimately this will increase sales. Anyway, in the meantime I'm going to keep walking and hope to be cleansed by the interesting scheme at Hermes a few doors away.

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