Thursday 10 December 2009

Burberry, London

Just in case you thought there were no more combinations using this motif, you would have been wrong. So here we go. I don't understand why this brand seems to insist on using the same idea for every single scheme? We are aware of the motif and know it as Burberry, we see it, we recognise it, we understand it, but why do they insist on using it every single time? The workmanship is of course superb and it follows all of the 'rules' in handling and presenting product. But, while meandering through the streets this week on my daily flaneur-ing journey I did gasp a little when I saw this. Is this the work of marketing meddlers? I suspect so. I cant imagine the team here who are assuredly creative would be excited about installing this scheme. Come on us something new...! (please)

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