Wednesday 9 December 2009

Gucci, London

Swinging by Bond st. and Knightsbridge this week, I happened upon the Gucci Christmas concept. Now, neon outlined out sized 'products' are nothing new as we can see from Geigers stiletto windows along Regent St. and previously at Moschino, although these do work very well. What I do particularly like here is that the Gucci team have brought the concept out of the window and applied it also to the above outside space of the store (above image is the Knightsbridge store). This is quite unusual for this brand. I don't recall them ever doing such things, but of course this is a most welcome move. However, as my students will tell you, one of my pet hates are motifs and this is motif overload. With the installation of such an expensive concept I would have thought that a brand like this would have been far more experimental? I guess not. I do love neon and there are tonnes of examples of artists using it in increasingly experimental ways which could have possibly been tapped in to. Still, this scheme does what it does and it is as always produced to perfection.

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