Tuesday 8 December 2009

Mathew Williamson, London

After seeing all of the bling of Christmas lights here in London for what now seems like months, and recently it has been raining almost constantly for several days, it was such a pleasure to see this scheme at Mathew Williamson. I also find myself getting bored with Christmas more and more - a hazard of the industry I suppose. Anyway, a dozen or so exotic birds and butterfly kites have been suspended above these White gloss sprayed figures carrying the merchandise. The figures themselves stand above white clouds giving them the land-of-the giants proportions that I always enjoy. This is further enhanced with the figures being placed next to a tiny shocking Pink house. I did find the images pasted on the right elevation a little distracting and don't think that this is really necessary, however what a great fun scheme which is beautifully produced which gives the viewer a breathing space from all this twinkling lights stuff.

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