Saturday 5 December 2009

Camper, London

Camper is perhaps one of those brands that create a simple yet a strong visual statement within thier spaces. I have seen quite a few of these stores on my travels and I am always quite amazed at how effective they are with their concepts. This is the fairly new store along Regent st. here in London. Unfortunately these are not the best images having been taken through very smeary glass but nonetheless we can at least get the idea. I haven't been inside this store yet, although it is very very small, to enable me to get a close up of what appear to be red coloured leaves or petals attached to the wall on the left and on the seating. Behind the seating the wall is covered with mirror. The back wall is a simple light box which covers the whole space, in front of which the cash desk is placed. The merchandise has then been layed out in rows. Simple and beautifully produced, what a pleasure to view it on my journey.

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