Sunday 6 December 2009

Student work

Following a lecture and seminar on the theme of Commodification within their Visual Culture and Theory sessions, students were tasked with visiting different parts of the city. My students were asked to visit Soho in central London and to identify something there which was being commodified. The students were then asked to record examples of this commodification and create a map of the area using these examples as reference points/points of interest. My students chose sex as their commodity and created a conceptual 3D map of Soho marking their route using these on stickers on the objects, related to sex, found and bought there.

The students say [that], This installation is a representation of the commodity of sex in Soho London, commodity meaning its prime purpose is sale in a market place. It is a record of the journey taken in Soho and contains examples of sex being commodified. Yellow lighting was used to give the installation a softer feel but is contrasted by the shadow that has been cast in the background, which is almost beast like and expresses the negative affects that commodity has had on sex.

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