Tuesday 17 November 2009

Zara, London (Regent Street)

After receiving so many requests for images of Zara windows from readers I made an extra effort this week to record at least another three of the stores for you while on my journey around the city, including Zara home which I will publish later this week. This is the Regent St. store here in London which obviously contains the basic components for this particular launch as in the use of the trees and repetition of the metal discs and covered plinth. What I am really enjoying about these stores is that they each have quite a different personality while keeping the essence of the brand. The styling as ever is beautifully produced in monochromatic shades of grey which works incredibly well with the Green Christmas trees with their caterpillar-like lighting. While the figures are similar to many of the other stores here in London, the wig styling differs quite significantly, in this case another version of the Lady Gaga, Poker face hair bow. If you happen to be at the lower end of Regent St. this week, do go and have a look.
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