Wednesday 18 November 2009

Max Mara, London

I have been looking forward to the new scheme at Max Mara here in London, particularly as I recently got a glimpse of this scheme during installation. Seeing the finished concept is absolutely delightful. Although I am not a huge fan of Gold and Gold leaf per se, I have warmed to it again recently and this scheme works superbly. I think I would have exprimented with a solid surface or an organic form using smaller pieces rather than this type of fragmented effect on a flat surface although the Gold leaf does add an interesting texture. Perhaps it just reminds me of home make over or home staging shows from the 1990's and those dreaded 'feature' walls, I'm not sure. Nevertheless, as usual this scheme absolutely oozes luxury with the use of the Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair and the Meis van der Rohe day bed covered in Gold leaf also. This scheme seems to have been produced so effortlessly. Of course, there is a huge amount of planning that goes in to these schemes, although to make it look so effortlessly elegant, as this does, is the genius part.

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