Thursday 19 November 2009

Anthropologie, London

I have been itching to go and have a look at the new Anthropologie store in London along Regent street. I managed to photograph the windows a few weeks ago, but as I walk the city normally late into the night (this helps me keep a clear view of places and spaces without the hustle and bustle of shoppers, tourists and other traffic) I rarely have the opportunity to drop by when places are actually open. Anyway, I certainly wasn't disappointed. For me this has a feeling of those wonderful stores one can find around places such as Greenwich village in New York or even similar to ABC along Broadway where I spend hours just looking stunned by the outrageous price tags, although not as crammed to the rafters. This is now my new home, well at least for the environment. Sadly their mission statement is to make women feel beautiful, inspired and connected so I do feel a little cheated (as a male). Where is the male version of this store? Maybe I want to feel beautiful, inspired and connected? Ok maybe not. Still, I guess I can always just go and look at the home wares - men do buy these too.

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