Friday 20 November 2009

Zara, London (Bond St.)

Having had so many requests from readers recently regarding Zara windows I decided that I had teased you enough as you are dying to see these latest ones from the store next to Bond st. tube station here in London. The previous images that I have published from this site had the Black barbie doll head dress and the mannequins with huge quiffs and Lady Gaga style glasses. This one is equally fun with figures wearing animal masks and emerging from silver glitter curtains, neon painted fair ground horses and Roman columns. Well it is the party season and I certainly would go to a party with this crew. These windows put the fun back into window display and for such a strong brand with a clear identity it is refreshing to see these kinds of schemes emerging. After all, the most uber cool and fashionable brands are doing this which makes for a far more interesting journey. When there are so many of these stores in town and so close together to it can be quite depressing. However, this really is a treat.

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