Saturday 21 November 2009

Hermes, London

Swinging by Bond st. here in London this week I came across the new scheme from Hermes. This is quite a difficult scheme to describe as a static image, however, to watch this scheme is incredibly mesmerising. Pieces of merchandise appear and disappear from behind an obscured, (possibly) perspex screen contained within illuminated boxes. One has to flick between the two images here to appreciate what I mean, however I have put a video of this on my YouTube channel: Jhvefun for you to fully understand what I mean. Of course, while this works incredibly well I did feel that I had seen this before? On further investigation through my archives I found that Valentino had already used somwthing very similar for a scheme in their store along Sloane st. just a few months ago in August this year. The spectacle here certainly has the tourists captivated but while I do think the execution is superb I am cynical when I see the same thing twice in two different brands. This is, I suppose the equivalent of turning up at a party wearing the same dress as someone else. Whether this is by default or by design I do feel, as I say quite often, that time spent looking at what every one else is doing is very much time well spent.

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