Sunday 22 November 2009

Miu Miu, London

The Miu Miu store here in London is one of the places and brands that I don't have a huge amount of information about and although I photograph it quite frequently, there are few schemes that really draw my interest. I was drawn to this one, in particular as with the Hermes current scheme I had seen this or something like it before. In December 2008 I photographed a similar mannequin, again covered with mirrored mosaics and an angled backdrop at Dior in New York as part of their Christmas scheme (Image below) Of course the position of the figure is different although the basic concept is the same. Are these fabulously expensive brands recycling? Possibly not, and I doubt that they are sharing props either. This kind of thing does happen quite frequently as I do look and record images very regularly so I do make a point of remembering if I have seen something before. This does bother me as it is an example or proof that new ideas and concepts are just not being generated, nothing is being recorded (perhaps as it should) or people who create these schemes are just not aware of what anyone else is doing? Anyway, while I am not against the concept here (above), of course it is as usual produced so incredibly well. It is, however, the same old stuff presented to us as if we didn't know that it had all been done before, and that upsets me.

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