Monday 23 November 2009

Levi's, London

This another one of those brands that I rarely take notice of while out meandering through the city. The brand, at least for me, seems to go through peaks and troughs of being the place to be, have the stuff to wear and supported with an incredibly cutting edge brand campaign to fading away to nothing at all - yet still always there. Currently, I don't think I hear anything from this brand at all? I may be wrong and just anaesthetised. Anyway, Big Brother informs me that the boys and girls from Levi's San Fran head office have been dropping by and silently checking out the blog, so I must be nice here. I did actually record the previous scheme to this a few weeks ago which had a series of card board cut out figures and using the bust forms to carry the merchandise but I just got carried away with so many other fantastic schemes happening. Anyway, from time to time Levi's do install some interesting concepts even if it is out of a manual of 'how to'. This is a shame. If perhaps, and this is only a suggestion boys and girls in San Fran head office, if you have a look at the concepts that Diesel are doing or how they are working, i.e. stores seem to vary quite considerably in London as the creativity is rather more localised, then maybe, just maybe it will put the cool back into the brand again. I promise to feel inspired and excited too if you like, and be the first to tell everyone in here, out there, or at least somewhere about your new approach. So....go on...please....just give it a whirl.

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