Thursday 26 November 2009

Stella McCartney, London

A colleague of mine laughed recently when she read my previous entry about this brand. She did mention that I was ranting a little at the scheme that had been installed here. She was probably right, although it was not intentional but I did struggle to find anything constructive to say about it. Anyway, what I have noticed about the installations here is that they are all pitched at precisely the same level. This interests me. I am guessing that the same company or person is coming up with these 'ideas'. I am finding that I am padding out this entry as I don't wish to be derogatory as this is not what this blog is about, so hang on with me here. As I turned around the corner to see this installation, which incidentally covers the whole of the building and I did gasp a little and OMFG popped into my mind. You can view a short video of it on my YouTube site channel:Jhvefun. Having been, at least initially a little stunned at this spectacle as it reminded me of staying with friends in the Bronx in New York in the Winter of 1999 and someone had something similar, albeit on a smaller scale hanging outside their apartment. And theirs played Christmas carols too. Anyway, as the days got colder and the longer the lights were on the flatter the tunes that came from these lights became. Naturally this amused us enormously. Well, this scheme does what it does I suppose and I cant really say any more about it. You either love it or hate it. I know how I feel about it, and I bet it cost a fortune too.

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