Wednesday 25 November 2009

Ralph Lauren, London

I am really struggling to be enthusiastic about this scheme. Now, please don't get me wrong, it is beautifully presented, it represents what this brand is about, but if you have just done a google search for Ralph Lauren window schemes or visual merchandising which I know a lot of you do, then the previous scheme will also come up. I mentioned in my last entry about these schemes that the multi-Yasmins do make me feel so uninspired. And here they are again. OK, so there are a few headless male figures in some of the windows which break up the monotony but do we really have to see her in every single scheme? Yasmin is a beautiful figure, but to use her in the same skin tone for every scheme really does upset me when there are countless figures that could be used. Figures can be rotated, so that one collection is being used in a current promotion while the other is being renovated with new wigs, skin tones and make-up - simple. Anyway, in the mean time I think I must put together a list or 10 Commandments of what not to do in installations for 2010. Of course the next scheme will be sale, however how much shall we bet that these will appear in the scheme after If they dont...well......I guess I will have to eat my words.....but I bet you they wont change.......just watch this space.

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