Saturday 28 November 2009

Guess, London

When I come across these types of schemes on my travels I do tend to struggle to sometimes even describe them. Perhaps, this is because there simply is so little personality to these generic schemes, or perhaps my anti-globalisation hormones just kick in and simply prevent me from even wanting too, I just don't know. Anyway, as with so many of these 'types' of stores, while they provide a product for a certain and clearly defined target audience (and clearly not me) I do find myself sighing with boredom. Young figures dressed in as much product as possible placed in front of old style record sleeves and stood or sat on old style record cases with 'Holiday with Guess' written along the sides.
Now, Big Brother once again does inform me that the Guess team around the world have been checking me out so I shouldn't be too harsh. However, as I mentioned in another blog recently, all this stuff-out-of-the-manual is so incredibly flat and I am so bored with seeing it. Please can someone inject a bit of creativity into these schemes and give us something to be excited about. In the meantime, with regard to Holidaying with Guess.......I know where I will be....and .....well, I'm on my way to Anthropologie to be inspired and cleansed of the visual pollution on this High street.

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