Monday 5 October 2009

Topshop, London

Following on from the London Fashion week theme that has been present in a number of London stores, Topshop and Topman in Oxford Circus here in London (which always claimed to be the worlds largest Fashion store from my days spent working there although I am not quite sure if it was or still is?) Anyway, the rear space windows have these great drawings in vinyl on the glass, behind which are cardboard cut out figures and lastly vinyl images attached to the back wall. This gives this very narrow, but very high space a huge amount of depth. The front windows advertise the arrival of Christopher Kane with female figures in a silver finish suspended from their heads, behind which are angled mirrored plates creating a backdrop or context. The men's window at Topman shows a group of male figures in a Black shiny finish placed in a landscape scenario. I recognise these silver spheres from the DZD showroom, however it is teetering on some kind of middle England Art installation which I do feel is an interesting direction in as much as providing the flaneur with something possibly informed to get our teeth stuck into. This store really is doing some amazing work so I am so glad to see such diverse schemes.

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