Tuesday 6 October 2009

Diesel, London

As regular readers will know this is one of my favourite stores and brands for visual communication. The new concept at Diesel (Bond St. site) here in London has implemented an interesting scheme albeit rather odd. I say odd as I am not quite sure what this is saying to me. What I do find so interesting is the difference between this site and one of Diesel's sister sites in London (I will publish the details and visuals in my next entry) What Diesel seem to be doing is creating almost sub-brands within the brand. Each store is creating its own personality according to the type of clientele who may shop in a particular area. This takes an enormous amount of work and is something that I welcome with open arms as long as there is consistency in the high level of presentation across the various sites. And there really is. I am not familiar with the structure of the visual team for Diesel, however there clearly are some very creative people working incredibly hard in forging a new and exciting way of working that I haven't seen in any other high street brand or indeed in any of the Designer brands.

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