Wednesday 7 October 2009

Diesel, London

Following on from my post yesterday of the Diesel site along Bond St., here we have the Diesel site on Carnaby St. also in London. You are able to see such a different personality to these sites that look completely unconnected to one another. On the one hand we have a slightly industrial feel to one store with perfect presentation and here we have an example of pure experimental creativity. And this is only one scheme of many where even the exterior of the site has been changed. The scraped paint finish creates a kind of a suburban unkempt unloved type of presentation or some 'unter' night club (of course it has all been perfectly orchestrated and works so incredibly well). This adds to the 'uber' cool feel to this brand. I do find myself a little torn between the notion of mass production and my dislike of globalisation which these kind of high street companies represent and yet I am drawn to come back for more and more if only to see what they will do next. Am I really this shallow?

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