Thursday 8 October 2009

FCUK, London

I felt quite bemused by these windows at French Connection recently as I don't really understand what the thinking is behind this scheme. I quite like the idea of these stacked structures although I think the thing that worried my sensitive flaneur-ing eyes is that they are perhaps a little reminiscent of coffins, particularly as they contain these (seemingly) dwarfed headless figures. I saw a similar scheme in Germany several years ago which had mannequin babies crawling all over them which sends shivers down my spine. Perhaps it reminds me of the bodies of the Capuchin monks in the various crypts in Italy which have that eerie quality that just gives you nightmares? In particular, when one reads the inscriptions that usually accompany these corpses that announce 'As you are, we once were, As we are now you will become'. Perhaps I am being unfair and I don't want to kill the concept (no pun intended). Anyway, I do feel that the lighting also needs some attention as the nature of having this type of structure excludes the opportunity to use the inhereted lighting scheme and perhaps each structure needs its own individual lighting source as they have done in the image above?

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