Thursday 1 October 2009

Student work Pret-A-Manger New concept development

The final part of this particular blog contains the student presentation pieces. This is just a selection of the submission as students also had to present scale plans, sections, elevations, sample boards, mood boards etc. however these give an indication of the level that students achieved after only 14 months. The students also had to identify a need for their particular concept, for example who is going to shop here? where do they live? what kind of income do they have? etc. and to establish a need for their concept. Of course this particular brand have their own clearly identified target market already, although this is an important consideration when developing new concepts as ultimately product needs to be sold and money made so students need to identify who these consumers are. (consumer rather than customer is used here with regard to the type of product being sold) The whole process from initial briefing to final presentation was approximately 10 weeks where students unravelled the project brief, began initial primary research, sketch drawings, concept development, leading towards these final pieces.

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