Friday 2 October 2009

Student work, City lawyer eating experience

My colleagues and I were approached by a commercial company to request if our students were interested in working with them to develop a new 'eating experience'. Always aspiring to great things we agreed to the project and negotiated with the company that we would set it based 100 years into the future. The submissions ranged from meals in tablet format and sustenance absorbed through the skin to liquid information and electrical impulse eating experiences. I think the company were a little bemused by the submissions and perhaps most were unworkable in their current format. However, sometimes perhaps we just need to get these ideas from in 'here' to 'out there', 'else where' or at least some where, and hope that the technology will catch up? As students enter the world of work with live clients buying their services, the environment that we provide is perhaps somewhere where they are able to exorcise these ideas and get it out of their system. Anyway, this is just one submission from one student in the group which also contains a short walk through video of her space.

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