Saturday 3 October 2009

Selfridges, London

I couldn't end the week without showing these gems from the amazing Selfridges. What is so interesting for me here is the use of these structures. At the beginning of the courses on which I lecture, I often take students on a series of visits which include Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum, The Imperial War Museum and of course the Science Museum here in London to begin to identify the links between Design and natural and mathematical forms. The forms here are used also applying repetition and radiation. I love the use of these geometric forms placed against a kind of, what I always think of as Vikktor and Rolf shade of Blue - of course Cerulean. It is not entirely clear if the whole scheme is based on Pandemonium (the theory by Oliver Selfridge - I am not aware of any familial relationship here) Or just one corner window and the World Wildlife Fund. Anyway, the scheme is entertaining and fun and perhaps I am just trying to find some intellectual connection.

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