Wednesday 30 September 2009

Student work New Pret-a-Manger concept development

Commercial Interior environments change over time (as they should), but also the space in which their products are placed (the spaces within the space). The students began designing by developing and subsequently applying a lateral approach to design ideas and solutions for their given space. The selected site was spread over two floors with an existing staircase. Students had to survey the site (this happened to be a bar along the Kings Road, London) and record their measurements. The starting point of students research was the book Cool Rules, Anatomy of an Attitude by Pountain & Robins, 2000, Reaction books. I selected particular text from the publication which was given to the group during their initial briefing which they then had to analyse, unravel and interpret into a three-dimensional solution. Using Pret-a-Manger brand equipment (kit of parts) students had to design their space to create an innovative conceptual solution for the site. Here represents just one students initial ideas visualised through sketching before they computerised their solution. I feel that it is crucial for students to develop their drawing skills before using a computer program as computers present so many inherent limitations (if one is not able to use it effectively) as well as fantastic opportunities through presentation and ultimately enabling us to sell the scheme.

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