Saturday 31 October 2009

Halloween, London

Its that time of year again. No, not Christmas just yet, although I have noticed schemes being installed recently in the centre of London. Unlike our cousins across the pond we simply just don't seem to do anything for Halloween here in London. I really struggled to find anyone who was doing anything to promote this commercial nonsense, some skipping it completely and jumping to a Christmas scheme. This is going to make it hard for me to write about anything in the next few weeks if the schemes that are being implemented are going to last until the 25th December, when its still October. Anyway, David and Goliath, a brand that I am completely unfamiliar with have installed the scheme you see here. Scary, eh? I did manage to find a couple of other Halloween bits and pieces around town. Tezenis displayed some pumpkins in their window surrounded with posters from scary films and Stella McCartney installed an inflatable mortuary. Oh well, bring on the Christmas schemes I guess and lets hope the credit crunch ends soon.

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