Sunday 1 November 2009

B Cosmetics

B cosmetics along Oxford St. here in London is a brand I know very little about. I believe this store opened only earlier this year (although I cant quite be sure as this is somewhere I have no reason to shop and therefore haven't thought to track its development). This is perhaps a little out of place on Oxford st. and perhaps a Mall in Dubai is probably where its personality would sit better? Anyway, according to its website the company began six years ago in Carnaby st., but sadly while they have this quite pristine flagship store they are in fact closing at the end of the year as they are unable to make a profit. I am not a great fan of the design of this store, I must admit, but the ethics of the company seem actually very thoughtful to the environment. I did have a quick scan at some of the products, particularly of course for myself as a male customer and I must admit that while the contents of the product sound wonderful I am not sure that the packaging would persuade me to buy anything. But then maybe I am not their target market? Who knows. On reflection I cant really see myself wafting around my studio with a Breath of God Fragrance Fan or a Lady Boy Lemon Melt, so clearly not. Anyway, as their site says, these items are limited addition, so go on, help them out and go and buy some products before they're gone forever.

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