Wednesday 16 September 2009

Mathew Williamson, London

The Mathew Williamson luxury fashion brand was begun in 1997 here in London (according to the website). This flagship store on Bruton Street is one that I haven't viewed very often, however I came across this innovative scheme launched for London Fashion week. This is a fun idea using silver balloons as the main prop and mannequins wearing his designs and placed as if swimming in this sea of silver. Of course the figures are not meant to have their arms at these angles and this is where the scheme jarrs a little for me as they do look quite odd. However, it was a pleasure to see such ideas being executed and perhaps this could influence mannequin manufacturers to consider producing figures that have the ability to be rather more flexible than they currently are (at least in fibreglass). This would enable designers of these schemes to have the versatility required and create ever more creative ideas without them looking odd?

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