Thursday 17 September 2009

Joseph, London

This is another great example from Joseph in London of a 'prestige display' which is usually adopted for exclusive merchandise stores - the type of thing I have shown for the past few days. When placing figures in windows, I always advise students to place them facing the customer flow. As we all know when walking along the high street we may glance at people from head to toe and back again. The face of course becomes the significant feature by which we recognise each other. Here Joseph have used repetition of the mannequin with chandeliers actually covering the faces, removing our ability to focus on the facial features and therefore drawing attention to the merchandise - cleverly thought through..! The figures are also placed in a semi-radiating format where the is eye is drawn to where we think the line of convergence should or would be. We can also just about see through the store and how the lighting inside is also a repetitive radiating form and therefore these forms of radiation lead from one to another to create a very harmonious environment. The additional window contains a chandelier as if it has crashed to the floor. The facial features of the figure are almost faded as if to make it unrecognisable. We recognise the human form but not the 'person' wearing it and therefore as these figures become generic we once again are drawn to the next recognisable feature, the merchandise itself.

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