Friday 18 September 2009

Escada, London

When a store window has a 'theme', there needs to be some continuity of this in the form of visual links either through colour, props or merchandise throughout the commercial interior space, particularly within a small boutique space such as this. This continuity can be carried out either through the use of props., perhaps through merchandise, but in the case of Escada here in London, they have used the colour lilac (or perhaps purple - the colour of fantasy, adolescence and royalty, depending on how you view it) Escada have also used repetitive urn-like props. the same colour as the merchandise. The merchandise in lilac has been sprinkled throughout the store as it acts as an accent colour and in fact, ultimately, as a focal point to direct us to the back of the store. The space itself is very luxurious with the use of reflective and sparkling tiles. Luxury rugs are being used to separate and designate the different spaces and therefore highlighting the different activities, depending on what is being sold. Furniture is covered in a luxurious materials (in this case probably Leather in a White finish). Notice the floor to ceiling shelving fixture (in the centre of the image) which directs us toward the back of the space to the merchandise (I think I would have put something a little more interesting at the end however to really create an interesting focal point), but this guides us around and helps us to navigate around the space until we hit the seating area (perhaps to drop off the men folk who by this stage are usually thoroughly bored) while the rest of us keep shopping and enjoying the experience.

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