Saturday 19 September 2009

Ralph Lauren, London

Ralph Lauren seem to have created a group of windows which to me would not look out of place as a Charles Dickens Great Expectations Theatre set, the figure used here, is perhaps the beautiful Estella? Swathes of nude toned materials, fixtures and furniture wrapped in ropes and heaps and heaps of dried Hydrangea. These are very beautifully executed windows (as they always are) However, I do find that the rather tanned Yasmin le Bon Rootstein Mannequin is cropping up in every single scheme. Yasmin of course married Simon Le Bon the lead singer of Duran Duran the famous 80's pop group and is one of only a few in the Rootstein archives that actually has an open mouth. Some brands use her with painted freakishly white teeth. This figure from Rootstein's Frieze collection produced in 1990 I feel is perhaps a little dated? After following these windows for many years I think I am, I hate to say it, a but uninspired seeing her in every single scheme and in the same skin tone whether it is in the heat of Summer of the freezing cold of a London winter. I would dearly hate to leave a negative thought here as the wonderful schemes that this brand produces are so fantastic, but c'mon visual team, please change the multi-Yasmins.

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