Tuesday 15 September 2009

Alexander McQueen, London

The Alexander McQueen windows along Bond Street in London, absolutely exemplify what he [Alexander] is doing on the catwalk for Autumn 2010. I have seen this store many times and it still remains one of my favourites with its suspended pillars and curvilinear interior - absolutely beautiful. The windows here normally have a glass floor and therefore I suppose it is difficult to create an installation which works with the existing Architecture. This installation however works incredibly well. Anyway, it is the most progressive and the boldest scheme that I have seen in a long time from this Designer (with regard to the windows) which reflects the look and feel from Alexanders catwalk shows. Truly amazing, is the feel of this brand with the pyramidal stack of televisions, some flickering with and attempting to tune in to out there, in here, or at least some where. The stretched and exaggerated perspective hounds tooth design that I have shown recently at Jaegar on a vinyl seems to work even better in this context.

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