Thursday 10 September 2009

Juicy's Travels, London

I have never noticed the Juicy store tucked away near Claridges in London before (where have I been, hey?). I usually only veer as far as Stella's as there tends to be little else along the street. Anyway, after flaneur-ing a little further I came across these windows which grabbed my attention. It was so uplifting to see such a complex yet a carefully orchestrated scheme that is entertaining and yet sells the product. Juicy have used tiny soldiers (possibly artists models) and painted and dressed them as the Queens guards of Lilliputian proportions in comparison to the life sized figures wearing the merchandise . This presents a wonderful narrative as your eye moves around the window to find figures unravelling ropes and string and generally giving a mischievous appearance. How wonderfully fun and typical of this brand..!

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