Friday 11 September 2009

Jaeger, London

This is an interesting idea produced by Jaegar along Regent Street here in London. I was drawn to it I think because I had seen a similar idea in 2001 in Tokyo in the then new Louis Vuitton store. I particularly like the hounds tooth vinyl on the glass here at Jaegar. The oval form frames the whole image of the store window almost phasing out the area behind and focuses our attention on what is in the window itself. The figures are in the usual groups of 2, 3 and 1 which of course visually works very well and the background large format image communicates the lifestyle and possibly our aspirations? I do feel that this window works very well in its own right but I also feel that having seen the Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo 8 years ago, perhaps more could have been done to create the impact that this wonderful store deserves? The Louis Vuitton store created a kind of strip tease effect that made one go up to it and see beyond the vinyl. After all, as we know (or are prepared to admit), things that are gradually revealed (as in a strip tease) and that we discover are far more exciting than if we are shown a full frontal. Aren't they?

Louis Vuitton, Tokyo, 2001

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