Saturday, 12 September 2009

Issey Miyake, London

How simple and yet how wonderful is this? While flaneur-ing the city I was drawn to this like a moth. The repetition of the product and how wonderfully it was illuminated is quite incredible. I see this store very frequently and while it is absolutely amazing, the store itself unfortunately changes very little for such an a amazing designer. For some reason, some how I just expect it to be so much more pioneering - and it is in so may ways, although not necessarily the space in which the product is sold. Anyway, in places such as New York, particularly in bars and restaurants they use these a lot to display product (the booze) and it looks so appealing when illuminated by a light box, it really does. I have ordered several myself (although not at this size) to illuminate some glassware for one of my clients. Get 'em while stocks last...!

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  1. Very effective display indeed. Some of the newer lighting technology definitely goes beyond mere lighting into art and design in its own right.


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