Wednesday 9 September 2009

09/09/09 - A cry for help?

As it is 09/09/09, I was unable to resist giving you all some windows which are clearly a cry for help. If you are reading this outside of the UK, 999 is the telephone number for the three emergency services - Fire, Police, Ambulance. Sadly, in this case, the fourth emergency service are not a team of dressers or designers). Anyway, while I would normally publish the glossiest and best windows and interiors that I can find, I do think it is noteworthy to comment on windows which are equally un-glossy and unkempt. Sadly there are quite a lot of these types of windows that I have come across time and time again and it seems endemic of stores, usually in the suburbs, although not always. These ones have been taken while on my travels and form a small collection from a wider archive. I do feel that it is well worth recording these types of windows if only to understand what not to do. They are all anonymous and deliberately so to save any embarrassment although I think you will all agree that we all know somewhere nearby wherever we are that looks like these. Maybe you can send them in and we can have a light hearted vote for the worst ever?

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