Friday 25 September 2009

Adlers, London

I always feel that perfect symmetry is a little too unimaginative and some 'break' in the symmetry gives a presentation a bit more life and interest. Symmetry has its place in product presentation just as it does in Architecture, Furniture and Cars etc. but this perfect balance is too obvious and too nailed down for me. Whether we like it, admire it or are irritated by it it does have a strength. However, by adding in an element that is not quite symmetrical does draw our attention and creates some interest. As this is a jewellery store the product is placed below eye level, in fact actually here it is at least waist level so that we are almost forced to look down on the product. What has been added in here are some show cards telling us where the product has been worn and by whom. They have also added in some small pieces of Art work which also add interest to this presentation, although I feel that perhaps if this window had been broken down either into small spaces where we would zoom in visually on the pieces of very expensive jewellery or the product was elevate a little rather than on the same plane in a symmetrical curve, it would certainly have added more impact.

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