Saturday 26 September 2009

Tiffany, London

Stimulation of the buying urge comes no better than from Tiffany. Whichever one you visit either London, New York etc. the visual excitement created by this company in such a tiny space is remarkable. These windows banish boredom and create the point of difference that underlines its character. I am always amazed by these windows in London as the creative team really do create little miniature worlds within these spaces that always work so well. I find myself hunting for the piece of jewellery within their schemes which very much part of the fun. I found myself recently inside this store but sadly the design of the Interior Space is quite unremarkable. Odd really considering the wonderful image that these windows project. Anyway, with such a tiny space the team have yet again achieved such a sense of depth. I have tried to break up the scheme into the three layers employed here, the foreground, containing the branches and leaves, the mid ground has a pyramidal stack of rock which elevates the piece of jewellery and the background is a printed image of a landscape. The viewer is also able to hear the water trickling around the rocks which brings together this stunning scheme.

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