Thursday 24 September 2009

Versace, London

Following on from Burberrys windows yesterday, Versace, also here in London have used another example of the suspended vertical plane. The simply coloured panels in a matt finish work incredibly well against this merchandise and additionally allows us to see into the store. Unfortunately as I was taking these images at night time the security grill was in place which I feel distracts from this whole visual effect. (The only thing I can think of comparing this to is someone producing a beautiful work of Art and selling it in a garage - this a very masculine statement.) There must be better ways of securing the merchandise to enable and support the stunning visual effect that has been created. In fact is it really needed at all? In the second window the Versace team have used two figures, again with the suspended vertical planes but with the addition of flashing lights. I made a quick video of this as I think in order to understand the effect it needs to be seen in action. I like the idea of these lights as they do scream...over here...over here..! but I am not quite sure that this works particularly well? or perhaps the first window also needed the same treatment?

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