Tuesday 4 August 2009

Central St. Martins, Interior Styling Course, Alessandro D'Ottavi

Alessandro D'ottavi: Milan, Italy, Screenwriter and free-lance journalist.
It's always like this, at the beginning of something new, I feel always the same. I feel slow, awkward, in one word I feel dumb. It's because I'm overwhelmed by new things, my brain has to decode so many new elements that it is not able to do its normal job. and this is exactly what has happened to me in these first days in London at Central St. Martins Central College. It's funny how in these situations the brain focuses on apparently insignificant things: a kitchen (pic 1), a light switch (pic 2), the floor of a very standard building lobby (pic 2).in our everyday life we don't pay attention to these little things, but may be they are not so insignificant after all. They are the basic commodities that shape our world, they make our life the way we perceive it and essentially they make us who we are. Once we experience something new they are the first thing that we are in touch with and they are there to remind us how amazingly different we are. This is why I do think that that feeling of dizziness we have at the very beginning of a new experience is not that bad after all.

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