Monday 3 August 2009

Central St. Martins Interior styling course: Yassir Nasief

Yassir Nasief : Phd Student, Saudi Arabia / London

These pictures were taken at The Ethelburga Tower Exhibition (by Mark Cowper) at the Geffrye Museum, East London. The concept behind the exhibition is to present real-life examples of apartment interiors in the Ethelburga Tower (Battersea, London) which are presented with brief captions about the occupants of each one. The apartments vary in their styling, themes, lighting etc. This Exhibition takes the viewer in a journey away from the simple appearance of the space to peoples' personalities and psychology. For example, there is a lawyer living alone in one of the apartments with some reference books by the dining area and a reasonably tidy floor and environment. There is also a vending machine technician occupying an identically sized space trying to enjoy his apartment in his own unique way - both are polar opposites. Interestingly, while all of the apartments are completely different - one thing links all of them, large flat screened televisions. Perhaps indicative of the lifestyles of the occupants in this type of environment?

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