Wednesday 5 August 2009

Central St. Martins Interior styling course: Antonella Montresori

Antonella Montresori: IT Consultant, Italy / London:
What a great kitchen for a small apartment.! This is the biggest open space in the entire apartment that I saw at St. George's in Vauxhall, London. Everything is tucked away in beautifully designed cupboards, yet close at hand should an ingredient or a fancy plate be needed or an open cook book on the counter top, herbs and spices laid out in a line and the the laughter of friends enjoying themselves over their first cocktail of the evening. Ah, the single life..! Now, back to reality. The children are back from nursery, they each want something different to eat, the husband is running around putting dinner together and the phone is ringing or off the hook. Catch me if you can, I am typing away finishing my first blog entry..!

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