Wednesday 30 November 2016

Clarks, London

We have gushed a little over this brand during 2016 (and rightly so), but then when a brand has been around for as long as this one and it isn't relying on the good old British hook or crutch of nostalgia in order to keep going or a faux heritage, but....but forging ahead through the decade, we look up from our screen.  Fantastic cut outs and the kind of scheme we would expect to see at Tiffany (albeit a much larger version of Tiffany) communicates the continued confidence of this brand on the high street.  2016 certainly has shaken all of us (we feel) and the year has been a turning point in so many ways whether political, social, economic or cultural.  However, change is good.  So, the deal is Clarks, if you keep innovating, changing and developing throughout 2017 we will keep talking about it, OK?  Now lets see these amazing schemes translated and flowing into and through the interior of the store? 

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