Saturday 27 June 2015

Mulberry, London

We haven't been here in ages.  Well, we have been passed by of course but not actually stopped and captured this brands windows.  Sadly, with security so tight here in the centre of it all the windows do have a hideous security grille and jeez, how brutal is it..!  This is the kind of thing only men do..!  But that aside we do like the subtlety of this presentation with the use of the, are they sculptors' stools?  Well, anyway, the subtlety is in referencing the artisan quality of the product here which of course is so desired the world over.  To be honest we actually don't know if they product is hand made or whether there is a little factory in deepest China churning out this stuff.  Either way we know so many of you like to visit your favorite handbag so we wouldn't want to kill the dream.

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